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Supply Chain Manager

At Mergon Corporation, we are currently sourcing applications for a Supply Chain Manager and a Quality Engineer, read on to learn more

We are currently sourcing a Supply Chain Manager who will be responsible for the management of logistics, purchasing, material, customer orders and stock levels to support the production area floor the purpose of moving finished goods to the customers.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the delivery of materials, components and packaging in appropriate quantities as required to the production area.
  • Ensure all material delivered to and from the production area is appropriately packaged.
  • Work with customers on appropriate packaging and ensure quantities on hand will support production.
  • Monitor and maintain MAX / MIN levels of inventory to meet customer demand.
  • Handle customer orders through appropriate means (EDI systems, ASN notices, etc.)
  • Purchasing of materials including; raw materials, packaging, components, and other related items

The successful candidate will have 5+ years material and warehouse management experience with knowledge of the automotive industry. To apply please send your resume to

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