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2018 – Mergon’s Year of Innovation
September 11, 2018
2018 – Mergon’s Year of Innovation

This decade has been full of innovation: new technologies, new products, new services and even whole new industries have emerged. Yet the call for innovation in business has never been more intense. Why? Reasons include, business survival especially in the current uncertain economic climate of Brexit and the Trump presidency, to take advantage of opportunity and because cost cutting alone is not enough anymore to ensure competitive advantage which in turn creates employment and economic growth. To ensure Mergon remains relevant in this ever changing world, 2018 will be: Mergon’s Year of Innovation. In simple terms innovation can be described as: ‘New stuff that adds value’.
At Mergon we have a strong history of innovation. Some of the past innovations at Mergon include:

  • Toter integrated snap-on heel hubs for wheelie bins/trash cans, which saved on component cost.
  • Xerox hot plate welding, secured Mergon as supplier of choice globally for Xerox.

To celebrate past innovations at Mergon and to bring focus to future advancements, Weeks of Innovation are taking place across our three sites.
Innovation weeks have taken place in Mergon International, Mergon Corporation and Mergon Czech. During Innovation Week employees took part in Innovation Workshops including demonstrations of the latest Industry 4.0 technologies, canteen displays, brain teaser puzzles and mindfulness workshops. You might ask what connection mindfulness has to innovation? It taught us about using the creative (right) side of the brain and useful exercises for conscious thinking.
The CEO Innovation Award was launched during Innovation Week. The purpose of this award is to reward innovative concepts developed and applied or that can be implemented in Mergon that clearly demonstrate a real impact on our business and add significant actual or future value. This award will be presented to the individual or group who has demonstrated excellence in the field of innovation during 2018.
A competition, open to all Mergon employees to find an Innovation Logo for Mergon Group was held and many creative entries were received. Congratulations to the winner Zdeněk Šebela from Mergon Czech, whose logo is displayed at the bottom of this page.
Being innovative will always be a part of our business at Mergon and we are excited about the fresh focus on innovation for 2018. With creative thinking, problems can be solved differently and strategically. The right innovative techniques can help save precious time and money and give a competitive advantage in expanding the business. Let’s make 2018, Mergon’s Year of Innovation, the best year yet.


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