Mergon has a rich history of Research & Innovation stretching back to the foundation of the company. Product and process innovation are key to the success of the business and Mergon has been granted many patents for its work in this area.

Research allows us to maintain this innovative focus and recent research programs include:

  • AMBER (Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research)
  • Development of New Lightweight recyclable/compostable polymer composites of High-Density Polyethylene.
  • Novel method of HDPE recycling

Most recent patents include:

  • In mould punching with slug with ejection mechanism off the line of the draw – In-Mould Punching.
  • Controlled wall thickness at the base of container – Patent Controlled Wall Thickness.
  • Single skin punching with slug retention and ejection from the punch after part removal.
  • Leak Tester, push down detector and transfer mechanism.

Recent technical papers presented at manufacturing conferences include:

  • Emission Control for gasoline Fuel Tanks
    – See how Mergon selects the optimum fuel system components to ensure our customer’s tanks meet stringent emissions regulation.
  • Nanotechnology in Fuel tank Production
    – Meet CARB/EPA regulations without expensive Co-Extruded Equipment

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