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Mergon designed and manufactured reusable plastic boxes for the temporary storage and transportation of fresh fish for its customer PPS.

PPS provide returnable plastic packaging and container solutions to customers in the UK seafood processing industry, with wash plants for cleaning all returnable packaging.

PPS provides returnable plastic packaging and container solutions, reusable fish and salmon boxes, bins, pallets and tubs to customers in the UK  seafood processing industry; they have wash plants for cleaning all returnable packaging.

Mergon International asked UK-based engineering specialists Wilde Analysis, to check the performance of the new lidded boxes when stacked at very high stacking loads, using special computer software.


The product is now tested, approved and available either as a fully-managed returnable food box through PPS or for direct purchase from them. This project has given Mergon confidence in the capabilities of design test software to efficiently and accurately analyse their designs.






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