ARYA Face Shield

  • Now Shipping to the EU and UK.
  • From €3.75 per Face Shield
  • The ARYA supply chain is 88% Irish
  • Proven in the front line by numerous hospital, nursing home and primary care staff
  • ARYA is now available for purchase by conscientious businesses
  • Ready to wear out of the box – no awkward assembly
  • One size fits all
  • All-day comfort
  • Anti-fog visor (above 5° C)
  • Exceptional visor clarity for customer-facing interaction
  • Enables Face ID smartphone interaction – not possible with cloth face masks

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  • Now Shipping to the EU and UK. 
  • An Post is the official ARYA logistics partner.

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ARYA Face Shield - Small Business Pack of 10
59.29 (inc. VAT)
ARYA Face Shield - Medium Business Pack of 140
575.96 (inc. VAT)
ARYA Face Shield - Large Business Pack of 2,800
10,333.40 (inc. VAT)
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  • Mergon is a supplier of components and sub-assemblies to the world’s leading brands including Abbott, Tesla, BMW and Xerox.
  • The ARYA face shield is a CE Class 3 certified disposable face shield.
  • The ARYA is manufactured at Mergon’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Castlepollard, Westmeath.
  • The ARYA is being used by front line workers in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centres across Ireland and the UK.
  • The ARYA is also suitable for daily work use where close interaction with members of the public cannot be avoided.
  • The ARYA has been successfully utilised by workers in the construction, retail, fast food, hospitality, food and beverage, health and beauty and aviation sectors.
  • The comfortable foam headband and professional branding make the ARYA ideal for use where interaction with other members of the public is unavoidable.
  • Custom labels can be arranged for organisations/companies requiring in excess of 3,000 ARYAs.
  • Contact to discuss high volume distributor opportunities.
  • Due to the global high demand on the materials used in the ARYA at the moment lead times may vary from our standard lead time of 10 days.
  • EU Declaration of Conformity (View)
  • EU Type-Examination Certificate (View)

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