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As you may have already heard, Mergon International and Mergon Czech are made headlines because of the seats manufactured for the reconstructed Maracana Stadium in Brazil.

The stadium was re-fitted in preparation for the 2014 Fifa World Cup which kicked off in Brazil, June 2014. The Maracana is Brazil’s largest stadium, seating a total of 78,838 with Mergon lnternational and Mergon Czech having moulded and produced 58,000 of these.

Msquared-seats-2ergon Czech were first approached by the German company EHIEM Mobel GmbH, who won the contract to fit out the stadium, due to Mergon’s extensive knowledge in blow moulding plastics and previous experience in moulding seats for office furniture, lawn mowers and stadiums. Mergon were asked to manufacture the seats and production started just before Christmas 2012 and the final shipment was rolled out just before the plant closed for St. Patrick’s Day 2013.

The Maracana is said to be one of the most modern and safest stadiums in the world with the seats arranged in such a way that the stadium appears full even when at half capacity, as well as the seats being flame retardant and UVA protected.

The Maracana hosted seven matches throughout the course of the World Cup, including quarter final and the final. The historic stadium also held the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games. Did you spot the seats made by Mergon in the stands on your television screens?


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