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The future of motoring came to Castlepollard in November, when Mergon employees got the opportunity to view and take a drive in the Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles.

These are seriously impressive vehicles. The black Model X in the photo is a top of the range P100D SUV with a “snap your neck back in your seat” acceleration time of 2.8s to go from 0-100Km/hr. In addition to the stunning acceleration the cars boast self-driving capabilities, over the air live upgrades to vehicle software and a 425Km range.

The parts manufactured in Castlepollard and shipped to Fremont, California for the Tesla cars are generally hidden from view. The Mergon parts are 45 essential components as the batteries and electric motors that provide the kind of performance that is otherwise only available to drivers of supercars such as Ferraris, McLarens and Lamborghinis.

The full washer tank system for the latest Tesla Model 3 is manufactured in Mergon International while Mergon Corporation makes 48 parts for the Model X, 6 parts for the Model S and 1 part for the Model 3 and Mergon Czech produces a further two parts for the Model X.

The Mergon relationship with Tesla is unique, as all Mergon facilities supply parts which finish up on the same production line in California.

Asked how Castlepollard met Silicon Valley, Caolan Bushell, VP of Business Development, explained “One of our old buyers in BMW moved to work with Tesla. They were looking for suppliers at the time, and he said ‘I know a really good company based in South Carolina, an Irish company, I think you should meet them’”. The rest is history.

Working with Tesla has meant Mergon has learnt a lot of new skills; become more agile and lean with shorter product development cycles, shorter mould manufacturing time and an altogether more streamlined process.

Our involvement with Tesla and the “cachet of cool” that comes with the brand has meant Mergon has received enquiries from many of the new electric car companies that are starting up around the world.

Mergon aims to continue to be involved in cutting edge developments, with leading innovative companies, in the automotive industry for many years to come.

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