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World Class Tool Transfer Capabilities

At Mergon we’ve always taken great pride in our ability to help customers out in times of crisis. This ability has come to the fore particularly when customers look to transfer tooling from distressed or problem suppliers.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately, many contract manufacturers will struggle to keep their doors open for various reasons. As a result of Covid-19, OEMs and Tier 1 companies may be looking to re-shore business closer to their manufacturing sites to shorten their supply chains.

In both instances, Mergon has proven skills and capabilities in delivering fast turnarounds on transfer business.

Mergon Plastics - Experience in Tool Transferring

Experience in Tool Transfer

In the past, Mergon has moved a set of six tools from an underperforming supplier in the period between Christmas and New Year in order to minimise downtime with an automotive customer.

We have also moved five tools and two injection moulding machines over a 4th of July holiday weekend from a distressed supplier for one of our industrial customers.

Mergon has moved tools in the space of a week and revalidated a full OQ and PQ for a healthcare customer within 10 days – a particularly fast turnaround in such a regulated market.

Mergon Plastics - Experts in Tool Transferring

Expert Knowledge

Tool transfers are always challenging for all sides involved in the move. Here at Mergon, we have the knowledge to identify the pain points in tool transfers and proactively put measures in place to ensure as smooth a transition as possible in the fastest possible time.

If you’re considering moving tooling from a distressed or underperforming supplier, or simply wish to have your business closer to home, contact Mergon today to see how we can work together:

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