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Our automotive partners.

We have a long and close relationship with the automotive industry. It’s this extensive experience that means you can trust us to drive your business further, faster.

Our automotive division has a clear focus on factors that matter to the automotive business right now

  • Focus on Light-weighting
  • Focus on better Thermal Properties
  • Focus on better Acoustics
  • Focus on increased Recycled Content

We design and develop tailored solutions for our customers across the globe that apply these areas of focus to make their vehicles lighter, quieter and more sustainable.

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automotive solutions.

Automotive air management systems

Mergon is a world leader in the supply of lightweight, cost effective air management systems.

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Automotive electronics cooling

Lightweight specialist components to reduce, pumping power and increase vehicle range.

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Clear vision systems

High powered pumps and cutting-edge sensors.

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Automotive air management systems.

Who says one size has to fit all? Especially when it comes to air management systems.

We approach every customer project without process bias, and tailor the best technical solution for our customers every time. To do this, we operate all manufacturing methods under one roof including:

  • Extrusion blow moulding
  • Foam blow moulding
  • Injection moulding
  • Twin sheet foam thermoforming
  • Bonded polyester fibre ducts
  • Additive manufacturing.

Maybe that’s why Mergon is a world leader in the supply of lightweight, cost effective air management systems to OEMs and Tier 1s.

Clear vision systems.

From windscreens and headlights to sensors and radars, Mergon provides a range of clear vision systems that help keep drivers and other road users safer. Our turnkey service includes the design and development, testing and homologation of the washer system.

Working to customer specification, we source and assemble the most appropriate components including high powered pumps and cutting-edge sensors from our established global supply chain partners.

Automotive electronics cooling.

Mergon has partnered with leaders in industrial and consumer electronics markets to pioneer innovative electronics cooling technology for the automotive industry.

Using cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics software, Mergon can model electronics cooling performance based on various parameters affecting vehicle performance.

We use lightweight specialist components to reduce the pumping power required to cool the electronics thus increasing vehicle range. Our product also reduces weight and noise compared to traditional fan based designs.

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We are always innovating and trialling new solutions for the automotive sector.

Contact us today about solutions to suit your business or learn more about our design and development services.


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