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Our industry partners.

For 40 years, Mergon has been a trusted partner of the world’s leading industrial and equipment manufacturers.

Electronics cooling.

Mergon has partnered with leaders in industrial and consumer electronics markets to pioneer innovative electronics cooling technology for the data centre and high performance computing industry.

Using cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics software, Mergon works with our partners to model electronics cooling performance based on various parameters affecting module performance.

Floating Solar.

Mergon has the extensive global resources required to support production of single, double and triple solar panel floaters. Our injection moulding expertise means we can provide a turnkey package including the mounting connectors required for an efficient roll out. For large scale installations we are open to discussions on setting up semi-permanent local manufacturing operations at/near your FPV site to reduce logistics costs.

Our experience working with large durable components means that we select the right materials and colour chemistries to ensure our floaters meet the rigorous warranty requirements for use in harsh sunlight and salt water applications. We also have experience with natural anti-microbial additives that inhibit growth of aqua-culture on floaters without posing any threat to marine life.

Business equipment.

Mergon has a proven track record working with leading OEMs to develop innovative toner management products for dry and liquid toner, including:

  • Toner cartridges
  • Waste toner cartridges
  • Machine covers

Today, we’re changing to meet our customers’ evolving needs by developing additive management products to house the solid-state or liquid materials used in additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Domestic appliances.

You’ll find Mergon-made components in many of the appliances that take the work out of housework, like dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines.

  • Our water tank assemblies for domestic washer dryers are automatically trimmed, leak tested and robotically finished to ensure zero defects.
  • Our high performance dishwasher component line combines blow moulding and injection moulding technology in a technically demanding assembly that is verified by leak detection and vision systems to ensure zero-defect manufacturing.
  • Our refrigeration components are moulded in multi-cavity, high output production lines to enhance cost effectiveness.

All parts are individually tested prior to shipment guaranteeing 100% leak-free components.

Traffic and safety products.

Practical, flexible and durable. Mergon supplies road barriers, crowd control barriers and crash barriers in a variety of colours and sizes up to 2.8m in length.

Returnable transit packaging (RTP).

From our patented range of Returnable Collapsible Containers (available in 800 * 600 and 600 * 400 Euro pallet sizes), to our award-winning PPS Refresh fresh fish box, Mergon has the experience and expertise to answer the most challenging packaging briefs.


Mergon is proud to be one of the largest suppliers of blow moulded cases in Europe. But, quality matters just as much as quantity. So, we’re also proud to have received a prestigious Red Dot Award for our work.

We work with our customers’ latest concepts and prototypes to design a case around their vision including ancillary items like chargers, components and instruction manuals.

We provide a range of branding options including:

  • Foil stamping
  • printing
  • logo plates.

We also provide a range of plastic and metal hinges and latches that maximise product standout and protection on-shelf.

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We are always innovating and trialling new solutions for the industrial sector.

Contact us today about solutions to suit your business or learn more about our design and development services.


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